self acceptance

Welcome my fellow wanderer. You have stumbled upon the newest section of thewanderinglines. Here is where we will explore the incredibly complex subject of self acceptance. This is a topic near and dear to my heart so don’t be surprised when you find lengthy articles interwoven with story time. Before we can get to anything quite as fun as story time though, I think a bit of an introduction is in order.

the introduction

Like many of us, I too am on a life changing journey to be more accepting of myself. And I won’t lie, it is fucking hard. The road is rough and more often than not I find myself questioning my sanity by 10:00 am. But in the moments when I can put aside my negative mental voice, oh goddess, it is all worth it. And that is what I want to help you do! I want to help guide and support you through your own journey to self acceptance. So, here we go!

question time!

what is the posting schedule for A Journey to Self Acceptance?

Once a week (the day has yet to be set so let me know your preference in the comments below!), I will be publishing an in-depth article focusing on ONE STEP I took in my journey to self acceptance.

how long is this series scheduled to run?

A Journey to Self Acceptance is currently scheduled to run for 6 weeks.

is there anything special included in this new series?

YES! A crap ton of stuff actually. Each week’s post is accompanied by a free PDF download that summarizes the step featured in the post. At the end of the series, a PDF will be available for purchase that includes the step-by-step breakdowns AND never before seen, supplemental material – but more on that later.

shaking things up

Our first real post for A Journey to Self Acceptance will be live tomorrow! A few finishing touches are still in order before I share with the world. Admittedly, I might be stalling. Who can blame me though; I’m nervous. If you had told me a year ago, that 2019 would be the year where I seek out ways to forgive and love myself, I would have thoroughly ignored you for clearly you are crazy. Now imagine trying to tell me I was also going to experience a burning need to share that journey with others. Yeah…I would’ve called you bat-shit crazy, for sure. Guess it’s a good thing no one told me shit, huh?!

Yet, here we are and even though I know with every fiber of my being, that this is the next step in my journey, the fear is still there.

What if I fail? What if this site never takes off and everyone who has ever told me I would never be a content creator was right?

There are a million what ifs. A million reasons to give up. But I will not. Not yet at least. Perhaps one day I will, but not today. Today is for trying something new. Today is for following our dreams. Today is for us.

What are you going to use today for? Let us know in the comments below.


Well that’s that folks. Another introduction wrapped up and ready to be opened. I hope you are excited about A Journey to Self Acceptance as I am! If not, you know where to let me know. As always my friend, until we meet again,

happy wandering.

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