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featuring Erzulie, my adorable fur baby. Erzulie is a 1 year old, American Pit Bull Terrier rescue who is the biggest cuddle bug I have ever met.
Ignore the cut on my fingy, I am right handed and I was struggling enough to get the shot in focus without the added difficulty of shooting with my left hand.

Hi friends, did we all have an okay Monday? Everyone made it through? Oh, good! Well, welcome to nonsensical ramblings. This is perhaps the oddest section of Literally, everything goes hence the really shit pics of my awesome doggo at the top of this post. The rather absurd thing is, I despise disorganization. I consider scheduling, planning, organizing and the like to be my default mode. It is the easiest setting for me to set myself at; it’s comfortable, safe even. And I don’t fancy changing that. Which is exactly why I decided it was necessary to explore disorder. Recently, I have been doing this thing where instead of avoiding uncomfortable situations, I am facing them. It’s rough and a lot of the time I am tempted to continue avoiding but long term, I think I am making a healthy change. Even though I know it is a good change, it still gives me a fair bit of anxiety. But despite the anxiety, I am trying my best and that is all I can ask of myself.

What type of situations do you find yourself avoiding?

I am curious as to what others avoid. If you are comfortable sharing, please do so down below. We can compare notes and learn so much about and from each other! How fun would that be?! Okay sorry, I got offtrack, back to the introduction.

spontaneous and chaotic energies

I wanted a section that showcases the spontaneous and chaotic energies that sometimes makes an appearance in my life. I firmly believe we each have a different energies that we bring into the universe and I am oddly fascinated with learning about the energies of others. I am not entirely sure when the fascination started but it is incredibly interesting to delve into someone’s energy. I will mainly focus on spontaneous and chaotic energies in this section because I sincerely hope to encourage others to delve into those energies. To show it is okay to explore and embrace all of their energies, even the “negative” or “unmanageable” ones.

It would appear that once again I have a rather unoriginal reason for creating this section. Oh well, I guess I will have to work on that. For now I think wanting to inspire others to be true to themselves is an alright reason for creating a weird blog. But, that’s just my opinion and I may be a bit biased. What do you think? Is this blog too weird to be inspiring or is it all the more inspiring for embracing it’s oddities? Let’s talk about!

well, this is awkward…

It would appear I don’t really have a good conclusion for this intro. To be honest, I struggled to write this post from the beginning. Each time I began writing within a few sentences it felt false. I didn’t feel like I was sharing my truth. So I would delete everything and start over…and over…and over. I kept trying, though often I found myself just staring, blankly at the page for who knows how long before I could string another two sentences together. I am starting to believe my avoidance of this section was rooted deeper than I thought. Despite the reluctance, here we are at the end of the nonsensical ramblings introductory post. So perhaps I didn’t avoid this situation as hard as I thought. We will probably never know but I hope you enjoyed getting to know this section a bit. I look forward to sharing more randomness with you in the future. Until next time,

happy wandering friends.

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