the dillon beanie – an upgrade

Part 2

July 31, 2019 update: Today we have part two of the dillon beanie upgrade. This post is a continuation of the post that originally debuted last Wednesday the 24th. I hope you enjoy.

hello hello,

Welcome back to thewanderinglines. We are so excited to have you here as today we are unveiling some awesome new photos for our favorite kid’s pattern, the dillon beanie. Now, I know we did this last week on the pattern post but this is rather unavoidable situation. Most of pictures for the alterations post NEED to be replaced. Those that don’t need to be replaced, need to be refined. To put it nicely, those photos are rough. If we are just being plain honest though, they are bad. Like really bad. And that’s okay! I’m proud of myself for having the guts to post ANYTHING! I was so nervous to make those first few posts. Hell, I still get nervous! And guess what, that is okay too! It makes sense total sense. When you publish your writing, you give the reader a piece of you and in doing so, you give them the power to utterly destroy you. And that is some scary shit. Especially if you are like myself and you have struggled with feeling like you are enough. The good news is, it gets easier. So just keep posting friends. Ignore the fear, the nerves, and the self-doubt and just write. In the end, you will thank me and yourself.

sorry, I got off topic!

Back to critiquing my older product photos! You can clearly tell I had no idea what I was doing most of the time. The fact that I was struggling to find a way to take these photos is quite evident when you look at them.  Granted, I will probably say the same thing three months down the line about the new pictures but that would be because I am a perfectionist. Te-he! I promise I drive myself crazier with my shenanigans than I could ever drive you so hang in there y’all, I promise we will get to some new content in a few weeks’ time. Until then, can we all take a moment to enjoy a before and after gallery?

the original photography

the updated photography

quick questions for ya

Would anyone read a post about beginning blogging from a beginning blogger? My thought was to create a kind of exploration that focuses on the initial stages of beginning your own blog and brand. Over the course of 4-6 weeks I would share my initial struggles, resources I have used to further my knowledge, what I still need to learn more about, and so on. In essence, this project would be a way for all different type of blogger newbies (including myself) to connect with others and form a community dedicated to building one another up. Perhaps that is a bit of an altruistic goal but I never said I set attainable goals for myself. I firmly believe in challenging myself to be my best. Always have and I likely always will. Circling back to the beginner blog series, please let me know by either liking this post or leaving a comment down below if you think that is a good idea. If you think it is a bad idea, feel free to share why! I welcome all opinions and feedback.


Well, that is pretty much it for today friends. If you wanted to learn more about the dillon beanie you could read either my upgrade post or the dillon beanie pattern post or the alterations post or the update post. Across all of those articles I delve into how the beanie came to be, the struggles I had while making it, some alterations and customization ideas, the changes I made to the original pattern plus a whole bunch of other stuff! I know, so descriptive of me to use “other stuff”. Feel free to read me to filth down below for my lazy word choice. I know I would if I were you. Until we meet again,

happy wandering friend

Howdy Folks!

Today we are taking a fun little trip down memory lane. Granted memory lane isn’t too terribly long as Crochet Central only has a few posts but I am ignoring that factor because I really wanna do this post. Te-he!

Part of the reason I wanted to do this post is because the dillon beanie brings back some really positive memories. I originally made the beanie as a 4th birthday present for a special munchkin in my life. I poured hours of heartfelt work into the beanies and then hours more into the post. The post that would be the first ever on thewanderinglines! AH! It was such an exciting moment. To this day,those beanies and that post fill me with such pride.

What is something you have accomplished that gives you a feeling of pride?

The dillon beanie was my first real blog post. And by real I mean, when I launched my site in January 2019 and posted for the very first time I was committed to building TWL. That first post, is amazing, gorgeous, stupendous,magical even. Just because it is my first baby. However my first or not, I still would like to come to a neutral space and take a critical look at the composition of the post.

some good ol’ fashioned before and afters

It is a hot mess. My pictures are dark, too close, and poorly organized. It is a really (almost painfully) long post that rambles on and on.It is just all over the place. And rightfully so. When I hit “publish” for the first time, I knew so little about blogging. My knowledge is still greatly lacking. Despite that lacking, I know more now than I did just a few months ago which is why my baby is getting some new photos! Plus, I love some good before and afters.

the original photography

the updated photography

some people just never change…

And some commentary just never changes! In other words, I will not be updating the commentary in the post. Oh man was tempted to though because it is rough. Whew! But, I refrained. To change the post would be to prevent an opportunity for learning. Not just for myself but for those who follow along with this journey.

I imagine many others also get stuck feeling that they could never do that. For me, I had a long infatuation with the art of blogging and social media marketing. But I did not know where to start learning. And that fear of not know held me captive for years. I did not hit publish, I did not pursue blogging and all because I did not know how to begin.

So now I hope that by showing my less than perfect beginnings, others will be inspired to start sharing their voice. Because it is going to be rough in the beginning, but you have to start somewhere. This is is precisely why you will be able to see the original photos in a gallery in the original post which happens to be linked below.

Now go and enjoy some pretty pictures my friends!

the dillon beanie

happy wandering

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