an introduction

Why hello there friend. I am ecstatic to welcome you to our premier post in Acrylic Avenue!

why did it take so long to post an introduction?

I promise I did not intend to neglect this section for so long. Honestly, it just kind of happened. My original plan was to write a section introduction a few weeks after I launched TWL but that never came to fruition. Instead, it kept falling through the cracks. But the time has finally come. I can now, happily, introduce Acrylic Avenue.

what is acrylic avenue about?

This is a special section dedicated to exploring, inspiring and sharing the beauty of acrylic paint. I confess to having a special place in my heart for acrylic paint. It was the first adult medium I was allowed to use as.

Do you remember the first time you used acrylic paints? What did you paint?

I certainly do. I distinctly remember making a proper mess with my younger brother while making a hand print sweater for my mom. It was love at first mix. Eventually, we gifted my mom the sweater and a look of joy spread over her face. I will always remember that look, that moment of joy brought upon by being gifted something unique. That moment inspired me then as it inspires me now.

Through art, we have the power to gift someone a moment of happiness. It is a special ability that all of us have but few appreciate.


That’s the rather bland motivation behind Acrylic Avenue. To be able to share happiness. Not very original, I know, but it is an integral part of me, my character, and my brand despite its lackluster. So with that, I hope to share a little bit of acrylic happiness with you; twice a month sometime on Monday evenings. My posts will be short to keep from boring you, simple so you can relax and enjoy some gorgeous art, and relatively sweet to hopefully help set a positive tone for your week.

what will you be posting here?

The more variety, the better! As such, everything from artist round-ups to sharing personal projects to project inspiration will be shared in this lovely little spot here. Below are two examples of the type of posts that will be made in Acrylic Avenue. On the left there is a mock project instruction sheet and on the right is a mock artist round-up featuring work from BK the artist.

Ah, we now find ourselves at the end of the introduction. A rather short post, I know but this section has a rather simple goal. I felt a long, wordy post wouldn’t suit. So while I don’t particularly wish to say goodbye, I am afraid we must part ways for now. Until next time…

happy wandering.

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