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A Crochet Round-Up by thewanderinglines

Alright y’all! I am back and better than ever. After a brief (okay, not that brief) bout of depression I have dug myself out of my pit of pity and I am ready to roll. I have my first every roundup for you today and I must say, I am stoked about it. There is just something incredibly satisfying about organizing a group of patterns and making it look all pretty. I don’t know, maybe I’m just weird (there’s really no maybe about it honestly) but organizing is real high up on my list of favorite things in the world. Not as high as coffee or chocolate obviously but it’s damn close!

That’s enough rambling from me, let’s get into this roundup! Without further a-do I present to you thewanderinglines’ Just Beachy Roundup!!

Bernat Flower Power Beach Bag


First up I preset an adorable, retro beach bag reminiscent of the 70’s. Y’all know how I feel about customization and this pattern just screams VERSATILE. A simple color change could completely transform this piece. How great is that? Bonus points: There’s a matching beach mat!

Bernet Flower Power Beach Mat


 Next we have the matching beach mat I mentioned. A tad bit more subtle than the Flower Power Beach Bag, but not by much, this beach mat is perfect for lounging on while the kids run about causing mayhem. And again, super versatile! You gotta love a good matching set and I would certainly classify this set as a good one.

Bernat Beach Bag with Mat


And in case you have yet to figure it out: I love matching sets. Just to prove it, here is one more gorgeous beach set for you. Definitely more subdued than our first yet this classic beach bag & mat are sure to catch attention for being utterly timeless.

Give Me Sunshine Poolside Hat

Passionate CrafterRavelry

Moving away from sets, I would like to introduce our first (and my personal favorite) floppy beach hat! This colorful floppy hat has well and truly stolen my heart. It is whimsical and yet glamorous and I will definitely be making myself one (or ten).

Ibiza Beach Bag

Helena’s HandarbeitRavelry

And I might have lied about moving away from matching sets. Technically this next bag doesn’t match our Colorful Floppy Hat but I can just see these two patterns making for a gorgeous glamour shot. This Ibiza beach bag? It’s in a league of its own and is truly stunning in its simplicity.

Wide Brim Beach Hat

Craft PassionRavelry

Sticking with our accidental glamour theme our next hat gives me serious old Hollywood movie vibes. Its clean, simple and yet all the more memorable for it. Talk about timeless! This hat could be worn in any decade and still be nothing but classy.

Pocketed Beach Bag

Peanutz Mom’s Pattern PlaceRavelry

While I love my glamour, sometimes I admit to needing something a bit more functional. And that is exactly what this pocketed beach bag provides. It has the same cutesy charm as all of the various handmade gifts I have received from my grandmother over the years and I am here for it. Plus…IT HAS A POCKET Y’ALL!!!

Red Heart Beach Blanket

Red HeartRavelry

So apparently I love crochet sets and sticking to themes because I have another amazing, super function pattern from Red Heart. You can tell that this blanket is meant to serve a purpose. Despite that, the geometry of this one is really unique and saves this blanket from being boring.

Stacked Shells Floppy Sun Hat

The Lavender ChairRavelry

Does anyone else completely loose it when they see a pattern featuring a shell stitch? No? Just me? Oh well! I adore a good shell stitch and so when I found out one of my favorite crochet sites, The Lavender Chair, had a sun hat that featured this little stitch, I lost my ish. Will I be making one in every color possible? You’re damn right I will be!

Spiral Beach Bag

Bob Wilson 123Ravelry

I’m going to be honest here, I have no idea why they decided to name this the spiral beach bag. I was so confused the first time I read through the pattern because I kept anticipating a circular bag but nope! This adorable rectangle bag is worked in continuous rounds and is so easy to customize it’s almost comical.

And that is that friends! We are officially at the end of thewanderinglines’ first roundup! YAY!! Go Team!!! Alright, enough exclamation marks me. I hope you enjoyed my first roundup and maybe even found your next project. If you have any suggestions on how to improve these roundups, please don’t hesitate to contact me; I am always looking for new ways to improve my little bit of the interwebs.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns leave them in the comments below. If you’re shy, or feel like being nice and complaining in private, you can always use my contact me form to personally reach out.

Happy wandering friends…

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