the dillon beanie – an update

July 31, 2019 update: Hey there! You have found your way to one of the first posts on TWL. Since the original publish date in February 2019 I have made a few adjustments to the layout and content. Most of the photos are originals so enjoy some awful editing!

it’s been a while

The yellow & orange Dillon Beanie features a longer brim while the dark & light blue version features a looser brim.

GUYS, I have my very first pattern update to share! To date, the Dillon Beanie has been my most popular pattern and I don’t have to question why. It’s hard to not love a quick, easy, and affordable project that ends in such cuteness. Not to mention, the easy adaptability and outstanding comfort are a huge plus. Since my original post, a bit of feedback has reached my ears so I dutifully returned to my first pattern and set to work improving the design.

a brave boy once told me…

“MOM, my beanie is too tight, I need you to make it bigger.” Like it’s that simple? But I did it and now that all is said and done, I am so glad to have received feedback on this patter because without it, this beanie would have never been taken to the next level. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the original pattern but this new and improved version? Whew…it’s hot stuff friends. Polished and refined, the update addresses the only negative feedback I received regarding this beanie: the brim. A wiggly body I know bravely informed me that the brim was too tight. Which makes sense, as that wiggly body has a gigantic head. I probably should have foreseen this issue arising, alas, it wasn’t until after the beanies were worn a few times that I was made aware of the problem.

Featured above is a before (left) and after (right) of the yellow & orange Dillon Beanie. The before follows the tighter brim pattern and the after follows the looser brim pattern. Both versions can be found on the Dillon Beanie main post!

Upon receiving feedback on the brim, I immediately knew what the issue was. The final round of slip stitches was not allowing enough flexibility. Sure, it helped keep the hat in place, which is great for smaller heads, but it was making it nearly impossible to get on for this particular giant. So I set about struggling to take apart my ends (I forgot how well I weave in ends) in order to remove the round of slip stitches and voila! Problem solved! I do love a simple solution! There was now enough stretch that meant even the most gigantic of heads could fit into this beanie. Meaning my work was done.

problem solved, so why is she still going?

Sure at this point I had solved my brim problem but I simply couldn’t stop there. Oh no, not me! I soon found myself writing a few different variations for the brim because playing with this beanie again reminded me of how much fun I had creating this pattern. I have a feeling this revisiting will be followed by a few remakes of this beanie. Can’t say I’m too mad about it! This pattern just begs to be played with and I am happy to oblige.

Now there are three different ways to create the brim of this beanie! I don’t know which one I like more, so don’t ask. I do know they are all bloody adorable though and you defintely need to give them all a go. You can find these variations on the original Dillon Beanie post.

noooo, the end has come

Well friends, we made it to the end of another post. I am reluctant to wrap this post up because it means I am all done with the dillon beanie for a while and I don’t think I am ready for that. At the same time, I don’t believe in filler content so I won’t keep rewording the same information just because I really like this project. Thanks for wandering with us and as usual,

happy wandering

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