The Alterations – A Clusterful Drawstring Bag

Count ’em! 1…2…3…4…variations of A Clusterful Drawstring Bag.

Well, I suppose it is helpful that I made so many bags as I will be in immediate need of them. Life lesson: Complete all renovations before moving in. Otherwise, you are liable to find yourself searching for other living arrangements. In the face of renewed chaos, there was little to do beyond keep wandering forward. So here we are, moving on to more important things! Well, actually one thing: crochet alterations! I have fixated on A Clusterful Bag since its creations; I don’t know what has me so enthralled with this bag simply that I am. But, I will quit blabbing and get onto the good stuff.

Actually, one more bit of blabbing before I move on. While doing my daily scouring for patterns, I ran into some particularly cute little drawstring bags that I wanted to share with you all. Tangent for one minute before we get into sharing – if you are looking for some crochet inspiration might I suggest thewanderinglines’ Pinterest page? Nearly every day I add a minimum of 10 new crochet patterns that I have scoured the internet for. Plus, all my boards are insanely organized making it a breeze to find your next project while just being pretty to look at. Following I have linked five of my favorite drawstring bags. I had a blast looking through and finding the similarities and differences between these patterns and A Clusterful Bag!

  1. Drawstring Bucket Bag by Cintia @ My Poppet Makes
  2. Native Print Drawstring Bag by Rose @ Loopingly Made
  3. Bee in the Garden Pouch by The Singlish Knitter
  4. Little Pouch Pattern by Elisabeth Andrée
  5. Catan Little Bags by Laia B @ Laia B’s Ravelry Store

Blabbing officially over! I have penned three, free and freaking awesome versions of this pattern. You heard me – THREE and FREE! I know, I’m amazingly giving; you’re welcome. You can skip to the full patterns by wandering to the following. Or,if your are interested in how these variations came to be, read on below!

The tall & textured version came about on accident. After I added a last minute tassel to my first bag, the creative wheels started turning. Before I even finished that multi-color beauty I was designing what I called the boho-chic version. I simply knew it necessary to further incorporate the cluster stitch into the base of the bag and create a fancier tassel to finish the bag off. A bit excessive, perhaps, but I knew it would be stunning. And while my finished product wasn’t as stunning as imagined (due to a poor yarn choice) it was pretty dang cool. That was, right up until I went to make add my tassel. The yarn I was stuck with was too bulky and continuously bunched in a rather unappealing way. Five attempts later and I admitted it was necessary to shelve my boho-chic idea. I was quite discouraged, going so far as to actually throw the little bag across the room, proclaiming I was done with it. Lucky me, I have a partner who encouraged me to revamp the pattern until I had a finished product I liked. Encouraged once again, I quickly got back to work and found my disappointment melt away as I began making some tweaks to my untested boho-chic pattern. From the bones of one idea, a charming new pattern emerged; and I am quite content with it.

Storytime! Upon the completion of the original ivory Clusterful Bag, it took my partner all of one look and I was being informed of it’s “itty-bittiness”. This, naturally, prompted me to exclaim “If you think this is itty-bitty you should see the bag I have holding my extra hair ties”. I obviously then scoured my (temporary) house to find said little bag – it was in the bathroom in case you were wondering. That little bag has managed to find its way through 4 different houses. I have no idea how but I am profoundly glad it has. Backstory now complete! Basically, what I’m getting at is, this dainty version is truly a MINI drawstring bag. This remake is near identical to the original Clusterful Bag pattern. The only difference in the pattern is an additional few rounds around the base. Those extra few rounds may mean a few extra minutes of work but they ensure you build height in your bag. The extra bit of work is totally worth it in the end because dang ‘ol dang is this bag a cutie.

For my final variation, I wanted to create a piece that was quick to build up, practical, but by no means boring. I reworked the original pattern by removing the cluster stitch meaning it takes even less time to whip one of these bad bitches up. I then utilized last week’s cluster stitch conversions to pen an official variation for single, half double, and double crochets. You can now follow one pattern without having to reference the conversion chart or the original pattern. If you choose the more practical variation, I would recommend a bold yarn. It helps keep the bag fun, however that is entirely up to you. If your heart desires a pairing of neutral color and simple pattern then, by all means, follow your heart. Just make sure you share your finished project with me and I will be happy!

It would seem I got carried away, nothing new there. I intended this week’s post to be a bit shorter but alas, I have written a great deal. Oh well! I certainly hoped you enjoyed reading as I had a blast writing this week. As usual, reach out if you find any mistakes within the pattern, need a bit of help or are interested in sharing your variation. Until next time…

Happy Wandering.

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